PhotoBook - 8"x12" Archival Single-sided

• Our single-sided PhotoBook are a perfect addition to standard photos!

• Using archival photographic paper for a book you will have for years to come.

• Designed in minutes and so easy!!!

  • Forget the time-consuming design process of so many photobook programs, with our in-house kiosk system you can design a photobook in about 5 minutes. The cleverly designed software creates page layouts automatically. Of course you can fine-tune image position and cropping if you want to.
  • Of course if you want to you can edit individual photos cropping, position and location, add text and styles, use photos as backgrounds.
  • Select from the many background themes.
  • Photobook service


    Photo Book - 8x12" (20x30cm) 10 page basic book (single sided)


    Additional Pages (to maximum of 34 pages)

    $2.95 per page