Photo Collages

Remember those…
special times
special birthdays
kids and babies



Photo collage layout graphic design


Plus print or canvas at size required

Refer Print / Canvas Price List

Additional surcharge will apply from collages made from prints, slides or negatives

Correcting and matching image colour and density

Included in design

Hints for making collages:

Choose your images. In general we find between 14 to 18 images work best and with a mixture of horizontal and vertical shots.
Photo Collages can be made from digital image files, prints, negatives and slides.
You may select one or two images as main images. We will place these as large and centrally as possible.
Note that the actual design is determined by the combination of collage size, number of vertical and horizontal images and image proportions.
Choose the size and orientation of the collage.
Choose the background color. Any colour is available however using white or black generally suits best.
Choose if image borders are required. We generally use a thin black border with the white background and thin white with the black.