Albums can be divided into 3 main categories:
– Pocket or Slip_in Albums
– Adhesive Page or Magnetic Refillable Albums
– Dry mount Albums

Pocket or slip-in albums

Slip-In photo albums have pre-formed pockets or slots into which photos are inserted. They are convenient and the most economical albums for regular-sized photographs, but unlike the other photo albums types, they are made for one size of the photos, and they have a fixed page layout.
They are available for 4×6″, 5×7″ and 6×8″ in various capacities.
For standard size 4×6″ prints we have mini albums holding 36 and 52 prints and larger albums for 200 and 300 prints.
It is important that the paper and plastics used are acid-free materials. We only sell acid-free and photo safe albums.

Adhesive Page or Magnetic Refillable Albums

Self-adhesive or magnetic-page photo albums have an adhesive-lined page with a plastic cover sheet. The cover sheet is peeled back, photos are mounted on the adhesive-lined page, and then the cover sheet is repositioned. The advantage over the pocket types is that the photos can be displayed correctly – vertically or horizontally. You can easily include postcards, tickets, brochures, maps, or captions to tell your story.
This style of album got a very bad reputation because of the very cheap types that caused the photos to fade and stick.
We only sell the Japanese NCL Brand which uses photo-safe acid-free and PVC-free materials. This company has been making albums for 50 years. I personally have used these albums for 20 years with no fading and the photos can be easily removed from the album.
We often recommend the Super Jumbo size album as with this album you can display 5 or 6 4×6″ photos with any orientation per page.
These albums are available in 4 sizes

NCL ablum

Page Size

width x height


pages / sheets

as supplied

Pages / sheets

in refill packs


200 x 297mm


20 / 10

20 / 10


275 x 300mm


10 / 5

10 / 5

Super Jumbo

335 x 325mm


10 / 5

10 / 5


375 x 300mm


10 / 5

10 / 5

Dry mount Albums

“Dry-mount” photo albums have plain cardboard or card pages, ideally also with interleaving. These albums require the use of photo corners, tabs, tape or paste to hold photos in place on the page. They allow for greater artistic control over the presentation of photos and other memorabilia. Dry-mount albums are also ideal for storing and presenting mixed sized photos (for instance, older photographs, enlargements or modern digital inkjet prints, colour laser prints, etc). 

It is important that dry-mount photo albums have interleaving between each page, as this plays an important role in protecting the photographs from scratching and chafing on each other, and from sticking together in humid conditions. If a dry-mount album does not have interleaving, consider mounting the photos on one side of the page only