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Now you can order your digital prints online from the comfort of your home or office and receive the same superior quality as our instore customers. Simply select your print options and upload your order for collection or mail out.


Select the best upload version for your situation:


Windows Desktop Version: Click "download now" above and select "Run" and follow the prompts to install making sure to allow firewall access requests. (for example from Nortons Firewall or ZoneAlarm etc.). If your browser does not show "Run" only "Save" just save the program somewhere (for example the Desktop) and double click to "Run" as above (you can delete the downloaded .exe after installaton). To run the program simple double click the print@PhotoColor icon on your desktop.

Web Version: There are two methods of uploading your images for ordering. The basic method is HTML File Elements, this method is good for uploading a small number of files as you must select each file individually. The Java applet method is recommended if you wish to order many images as you can select multiple files and even folders of images.



What is print@PhotoColor?

print@PhotoColor allows you to print photos remotely from your home or work computer. Simply download and install the Windows Desktop Version (the most efficient way) or visit the online Web Version to submit your photo order.

  • Select your desired print sizes and finishes,
  • crop your image if required,
  • fill in your order and payment details,
  • then submit your order.